Friday, June 29, 2012

Find Happiness

Spending time with someone who consistently has a bad attitude or is negative about everything around them all of the time is EXHAUSTING to be around. Can you imagine how exhausting it must be for that individual who is so down all of the time? It's depressing to think about. 

For those of us who must endure a friend or family member who is constantly negative, remember to stay positive, stay focused on the things you value and believe in, and most important, do not let another's negative influence bring you down. Recognize they have a problem, not you. Limiting time around a negative person is also a good idea. You will continue to stay  happy, positive, and successful in your life if you surround yourself with others like you. 

For that person who just cannot find happiness, I challenge you to start a gratitude journal. Yep! A journal! And before you have the chance to grumble and say how stupid it is or that it is a complete waste of time, I will guarantee you, that it if you will take on the challenge with an open mind and heart, give it a sincere chance, it will improve your life. 

Gratitude Journal Challenge: Find something you can begin to make your list on. A diary, journal, notepad, or even an iPad will work. Begin the first day with making a list of 10 things you are grateful for that day. Usually the first day is the easiest because you list the obvious things. After several days of listing 10 daily things you are grateful for, the list might seem harder, but once you get into the groove you might even find that a few weeks into the process, it becomes hard to list only 10 items. You might even start walking through your day being grateful for the color green on the grass, the smell of a flower, or the color of someone's eyes. Once that happens, you should be finding that your problems are not so big, your heart is full of love and gratitude, and that your relationships are improving. You will begin to fill a more fulfilled and energetic life. 

Have you taken the Gratitude Journal Challenge? 
Test it out! And let us know how it went!
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