Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Final Post, New Site Announcement

Over the past few years, this blog has been a been an outlet for me as well as a way for me to personally grow and learn. The blog started out as a hobby and has slowly grown into something more. 

So, it is bitter sweet for me to announce that this will be my final post to Continual Care. I still have a the same goal in helping my friends and family find ways to take care of themselves each and every day so that they can have successful and fulfilling lives. 

In an effort to do this, we are excited to announce our new website Rachael West Life Coaching. We hope you will visit it and find within it a source of inspiration along with tips and tools to help create a life of happiness and where all your dreams come true. 

We invite you to also "LIKE" our new Rachael West Coaching Facebook Page to keep you updated on all our new postings, upcoming events, and ways you can nominate yourself or someone else to win 3 free coaching sessions. Don't worry if you don't live in our local area, while coaching is better in person, it can be done via SKYPE. 

We still welcome all your comments, stories, and emails. Please email them to: or 

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