Monday, July 6, 2009


What are you afraid of?

Of course we are all afraid of certain things that scare us. All of us have fears. To some it may be the dark or spiders, while for others it is a fear of loosing their job. These fears create anxiety and are frustrating when we must face them.

But sometimes fear is good. Fears can motivate us to change, especially when we recognize that the fear may be irrational and paralyzing us. For example, you may be scared to ask for a promotion. When searching you discover the real fear is not that you might get turned down for the job, but that what would you do if you got it?

You know your life could change with a title after your name or a pay raise all for the better, but how would you handle it? What the real fear is not in applying for the job, but of success and happiness if you got the job. How silly is it to rob ourselves of our own personal growth and happiness?

What fear is holding you down today? What keeps you sitting on the couch day after day watching life go by on the tv instead of going outside and living it?

Do you have a fear that is paralyzing you? We would love to hear!!

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