Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Are you feeling alone?
Feeling like there is no one to call with your good news?
No one to share your sadness with?

Some of us may be surrounded with people all the time and yet still feel lonely. Others may spend their time in solitude in which they didn't choose. Either way, loneliness can be painful.

Being human means at times we are going to feel a range of emotions and one of them is loneliness. All of us will experience it, all of us will fill it's pain and heart-ache.

So, what's the cure? It's a 2-step process.

1) Service. When you serve others you get lost in your work and not in your own problems. Everyone knows that whether you call it blessings or karma, that when you serve others you reap rewards. Serve your children, your neighbor, volunteer at the hospital, or elementary school. The simplest random act of kindness will fill your saddened heart with love.

2). Connect with your family. When you re-connect with family (or a "like-family" friend), you heal and you feel valued. If there have been problems, forgive old hurts, and let the past be in the past. If it is just a matter of loosing touch, reach out. We now live in a world full of technology. Use it! Call, email, instant-message, twitter, or even use snail-mail. Whatever you choose, connecting with your roots, your family, is where you will find your greatest happiness.

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