Sunday, May 10, 2009

Help! I need therapy!

Many of us wonder if we need a therapist to help us get through some problem we are experiencing in life. Some of us may, but some of us may not.

Right now while the economy is struggling and you just don't have a spare minute to add one more thing to your "to-do" list, there are things you can do to improve your situation without going to counseling.

(Please note: counseling or therapy that is done with a licensed professional, trained to handle whatever challenge or situation you are dealing we absolutely recommend, especially if there are unique or extreme circumstances. In the event of physical or sexual abuse, please seek professional help and contact local law enforcement immediately. This blog is not in place of therapy and is not endorsed by a licensed therapist. Postings, comments, or other information on this blog is for general use and knowledge--not a replacement for professional therapy).

In many circumstances, problems we are having in relationships are just communication based. We haven't learned the skills to really communicate our thoughts or feelings in a way that can be received by the other person. These are skills you can learn now.

Maybe we are struggling with something tragic from years earlier in our life that we just can't let go of. Often times, it's something we can work through and learn to let go of on our own.

Parenting is by far the hardest job. The daily stress of dealing with children can lead to arguments, fighting, and many frustrations for every member of a family. Often times we find ourselves saying, "what is wrong with this kid!" Turns out, more times than not, it's the parent who needs to make a change, not the child.

Got clutter? Often times clutter holds us back from moving forward in our lives. We hold onto objects thinking they are a part of our history or a relationship we have had. We hold onto things to keep us feeling like we have enough, when in reality, all those objects become the things that hold us back, that steal our freedom, and keep us from true happiness and healing.

All of these situations require just a new way of thinking for you. All of them are skills that can be learned---easily! No expensive fees, no co-pays, no doctor's offices, and no long therapy sessions. A few minutes each day to take care of yourself will not only help you find your happiness, but will allow that peace in your life that you are so desperately striving for.

Are you dealing with any of these situations? Feeling like you need some one to talk to?
Send us your story. We would love to hear from you.

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