Monday, May 25, 2009

Love or Fear?

What if you asked yourself before every choice you made,

"am I doing this out of love, or out of fear?"

Often times we make decisions and situations more complicated than they need to be, especially females!

Love is easy for most people to understand. As we change diapers, cook dinner, do laundry, pay bills, iron our husbands shirt, or do a favor for a friend we are doing those things out of love.

Fear, is harder. If we are struggling with something or someone, it is probably because of a fear. Are we fearful of speaking up for ourselves, fearful of not being good enough, successful, fearful we are not good communicators or listeners, or maybe we are just fearful that we will be hurt again?

Fears hold us back. Fears create stress and tensions. Fears keep us up at night.

So now what? Once you consciously practice asking, "am I doing this out of love or fear?" then you will be able to start to see patterns. Record your fears in a journal. Often times once you are aware of the choices you are making, you can then face the fear and make a loving choice the next time.

Remember, "God did not give you the spirit of fear," you did.

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